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Those who follow the trends of search engines and their algorithm updates on a regular basis are familiar about the disaster faced by countless online stores following the implementation of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithms by Google, the search engine behemoth. It would be unfair to blame the owners of those sites for the debacle. Most of them do not have any idea about designing websites and updating it whenever they add new products and services to their online shop. The majority of them, leave this task to companies to whom they had entrusted the task of. This is where hiring a professional web design service for web development makes all the difference.

Inherent problems when opting for price over quality

The algorithm updates caught many website owners by surprise. In just a few days, they found the page rankings of their online shop sinking rapidly. However, these individuals were not aware of the reasons behind such a debacle. They chose to opt for a low cost web design studio. Most such studios do not have the infrastructure or personnel, required for proper web development. Instead, they depend on black hat tactics to promote the sites of their clients. One of the common tactics used by such agencies is to use link farms to generate backlinks to their client's website. They do not bother to verify the quality or the page rankings of the sites in which they insert the backlinks. This might provide dividends for a brief period, thereby, pleasing the client. The effect to their ranking means there website may as well be on the worst custom server and not return because no one will be visiting the website anyway.

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Websites punished for implementing black hat tactics

Using this technique in the past would push up the page rankings of a website within a few days. In fact, web design studios, using such black hat tactics, managed to push the page rankings of their client's website above those of established companies selling the same product. In certain cases, websites that had no visible content were appearing in the first page of search results in Google for specific keywords and key phrases. It was not long before owners of established websites started to lodge complaints to the administrators of Google. This resulted in the development and implementation of algorithms like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These algorithms check the number of backlinks pointing towards a website, and the quality of the site from which they originate.

Maintaining a website is not easy

However, these algorithms did not affect websites designed by professional web development studios. Running an online store in tough nowadays. The company managing a website needs to ensure that the backlinks originate from websites that promotes related services or products. Apart from this, it is also necessary to add quality content on a regular basis. The personnel of the web design studios need to be familiar with the latest search engine trends and the tactics used by their client's competitors. All this research requires a good amount of money. It is next to impossible for individuals, and companies that charge ridiculously low amounts to maintain a website properly. Keeping these factors in mind, you should always entrust the web development task of your company's website, to a professional company.